Paul and Petra


We would like to invite you to our wedding. If you live too far away, if the date doesn't fit into your schedule, or if you just don't like hiking, don't worry about it. We'll understand if you can't come to the ceremony. The important thing is that we want you to know we're glad to count you as a friend.

Where to go

From Washington/Baltimore/Frederick:

Take 70 or 270 to Frederick

Take 15/340 toward Harper's Ferry

Stay on 340 when 15 splits off

Take 340 toward Harper's Ferry

Take exit for Boonesboro Route 67

Stay to the right

Turn right on first road, Weverton Road

Park along either side of road or in dirt parking lot

Walk to the end of Weverton Road

There is a telephone pole with an old rusty sign that says Appalachian Trail.

Hike up about half a mile to the top

The trail splits

Turn right onto the blue marked trail

This goes down a few hundred yards to the cliffs

From Hagerstown/Boonesboro:

Take Route 67 toward Harper's Ferry

Turn left onto Weverton Road

Follow red itallic directions to top

From Shenandoah area:

Take 81 to Winchester

Take Route 7 toward Berryville

Take 340 north toward Charlestown

In Charlestown follow signs for 340 toward Harper's Ferry

Continue on 340 past Harper's Ferry

You will cross the Shenandoah River and a few miles later the Potomac River

After crossing the Potomac River, 340 will widen into four lanes

After the road widens there is an exit ramp on the right for Boonesboro Route 67

Take Boonesboro Route 67 exit

Turn right on to first road, Weverton Road

Follow red itallic directions to top.

What to expect

Weverton Cliffs is a beautiful lookout point along the Appalachian Trail, near Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. The view can be reached by following a footpath of about one half-mile in length. The beginning is moderately steep, but decreases in difficulty as you approach the summit. The time you need to complete the trail might take anywhere from twenty to forty-five minutes - depending on your speed. Please try to arrive as punctually as possible. We will begin the ceremony right on schedule.

Dress casually! I highly recommend clothing that won't be ruined if it becomes soiled from sweat or mud. Comfortable walking/hiking shoes are particularly important. We will be wearing clothes very much like the ones you see in our blog photos. I also recommend that you bring along a light jacket and a bottle of drinking water. Weverton can be breezy, even on the warmest days, and thirst can be threatening, even on the coolest days!


After much thought and prayer, we have decided not to register for wedding gifts. When people are suffering all over the world it seems selfish to ask for more "stuff" for ourselves. Especially when we can easily start a comfortable home with the materials we already own. Therefore, we'd like to encourage you to donate the money- that you would have spent on a gift for us- to a worthy cause/mission project in a third-world country. Our blog facilitates you with several direct links to institutions which we consider worthy of your support.* However, if your preferences lie in other areas, please feel free to do what you wish! We'd love to hear later about which project you chose. Also, if you still have something material which would be meaningful for you to share with us, we'd be happy to receive it. Anything from your grandmother's favorite cookie recipe to your precious collection of pine cones.

*There are also several mission projects we have personally been involved in starting that would appreciate your support. These include a service of food for hungry Argentine street children and a mission radio station in Northern Argentina. Neither of these projects facilitate web access, but may receive donations through a fund in the Frederick Seventh-Day Adventist church (6437 Jefferson Pike, Frederick, MD 21703). Please write checks to either "The Diamante project" or "The Argentine radio project." For further questions, please e-mail us!